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ilGin.it is a space that we have dedicated to the wonderful world of Gin.

On ilGin.it you will always find updated news on products and events, useful information on where to drink our favourite spirit and articles about the lifestyle and fashions connected to Gin culture.

Dry, sweet, aromatic? In an art gallery, on the street, at a gala or at a fashion show? In a movie or in a magazine, in a trendy restaurant or in a bar in the middle of nowhere?

In Milan, Barcelona, ​​Manila or in London?

Wherever Gin is making a name for itself, ilGin.it will be on the spot.

We will keep you updated on all the news from the world of gin (and tonic), parties, events, master classes, tastings, shops, bars and clubs for people who like us who are Giners… and for all those who are but don’t know it yet. ilGin.it will be the number one tool for fans of Gin and the place to be for manufacturers, distributors and venue owners throughout Italy.

Gin is a passion that unites us, because it’s not just a repeating trend, but a culture which will survive the test of time and that evolves to keep pace with cultural changes.

Cheers! and God save the Gin!

ilGin.it – Italian platform dedicated to Gin.


Marco Bertoncini

Favourite Gin: Beefeater 24
Favourite Tonic: Schweppes Indian Tonic

Vanessa Piromallo

Authentic Bolognese (as in "from Bologna"), semiologist, compulsive reader, writing is a passion that she executes with passion: se's always writing and writes about everything. She manages ilGin.it's editorial staff and is responsible for the contents.

Favourite Gin: Tanqueray Gin
Favourite Tonic: J.Gasco Indian Tonic

Giacomo P. Camerano

Part time Brit, technology and music enthusiast, Jack manages projects and is responsible for everything vaguely related to computers.

Favourite Gin: Sipsmith Gin
Favourite Tonic: Thomas Henry Tonic Water

Andrea Piromallo

He self defines himself a "damned graphic designer". He has spent the last twenty years intoxicating himself with creative ideas that can solve the most complicated of requests, to then detox with rock music and basketball.

Favourite Gin: Rock Rose
Favourite Tonic: Fever-Tree

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